Turkish Air Channels Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish air channels, Turkey air channels manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality air channels from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GALSAN PLASTIK VE KALIP SAN. A.S.        Türkiye         
s injection molding, thermoplastic automotive industry, plastic injection, plastic injections, injection auto spare parts, injection auto spare part, injection moldings, engine under cover, wheelarch, rear licence plate, trim, pillars, seat plastics, door panels, floor carpets, side mouldings, battery cover, chrom plated parts, hvac units, fan shroud, air channels, cylinder covers, dashboard, truck, pillars, truck products
UMAK MAKINA IMALAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s flour plants, semolina plants, corn plants, roller mills, square plansifters, semolina purifiers, washers, whizzers, intensive dampeners, trieurs, radial vibrative air dusts, dry stone separators, grain separators, scourers, bran finishers, pneumatic fans, air channels, elevators, screw accessories, spiral accessories, mill accessories
TEKNIK MAKINA A.S.        Türkiye         
s auto parts, auto metal parts, air channels, roof hatches, entrance ramps, vehicle doors, air aspiration filter, knitted fabric, trim parts, air channels, roof hatches, entrance ramps, vehicle doors, air aspiration filter, knitted fabric, trim parts, machine products, machine product, disabled rampage, disabled rampages, ceiling covers, ceiling cover, vehicle door
SRD MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa ÖZGÜR    
s elevators, helixes, conveyors, conveying belts, sieves, mixers, aspirators, cyclones, silos, air channels, chambers, elevator, helix, conveyor, conveying belt, sieve, mixer, aspirator, cyclone, silo, air channel, chamber, z type elevators, vertical z type elevators, swing z elevators, z type chrome elevators, tilting z type elevators, chrome food helixes, chrome chambers, buckets, election coveying belts, election boards, vertical bucket elevators, chain type elevators, sanding elevators, conveying and handling, aspirators, cleaners and graders, cleaners, grain, pulse, cleaning and disinfection products, cleaning equipment, filter bag, mill spout, conveyor belting, conveyors, belt, flexible, spiral, screw, vacuum, elevator belting, elevator bucket bolts, elevator buckets, elevator chain, elevator components, elevators, bucket-type, cage-type, continuous platform, magnetic, manlift, pneumatic, grain handling systems, grain protection, security seals, separators, grader, gravity, liquid and solid, sizing equipment, seed processing, seed grader, seed cleaners, seed sorters, seed conveyors, pulses processing, pulses cleaning, pulses machine, cereal cleaning, peanut cleaning, groundnut processing, wheat cleaner, wheat grader, wheat sorter, rice cleaner, rice grader, processing plant, seed plant, grain plant, pulses plant, wheat plant, bucket, belt conveyors, flexible conveyors, pneumatic aspirators, dust aspirators, dust cyclones, vibro sieves, modular conveying belts, pvc conveying belts, aero mechanical conveyors, sack conveying belts, tube helixes, screwed helixes, silo unloaders
KAYITES MUHENDISLIK TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Emir Hasan ÖZTÜRK    
s ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation materials, air conditioning materials, air ducts, air channels, mounting kits, isolating materials, diffusers, vents, fans, shelter ventilating systems, filters, silencers, heat recovery equipments, air conditioning units, air conditioning unit materials, air curtains, radiant warmers, radiant warmer systems, flanges, l profiles, u profiles, stainless angles, stainless flanges, ventilation system, air conditioning system, ventilation mat, round air duct, spiro air duct, rectangular air duct, rectangular duct, round duct, assembly components, flange, corner, g clamp, coupling, end cap, saddle, jetcap, cap, reduction, stainless duct, filter, silencer, fan, axial fan, f300, smoke exhaust fan, roof type fan, radial fan, centrifugal fan, jet fan, axial jet fan, radial jet fan, shelter ventilation unit, filtered fan, flexible duct, insulation, duct insulation, damper, aspirator, air handling unit, grille, diffuser, kitchen hood, kitche, roof ventilation, montage elements, heat recovery units, roof fan, heat recovery unit, smoke exhaust fan, exproof fan, roof type axial fan, roof type smoke exhaust fan, roof type centrifugal fan, filtered duct fan, single inlet centrifugal fan, low pressure centrifugal fan, corrosive environment fan, round duct fan, rectangular duct fan, kitchen hood fan, round air duct, g clamp
TEKFAN HAVALANDIRMA        Türkiye         
s ventilation systems, air channels, air curtains, compact air curtains, heating equipments, heating systems, ventilation system fittings, wall mounted axial fans, channel type axial fans, roof type fans, low pressure radial fans, radial fans, heat recovery equipments, power recovery equipments
KALFASAN ISITMA SOGUTMA CIH. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     kalfasan@kalfasan.com.tr    
s air channels, air conditioning systems, air duct, building hvac ducts, commercial hvac ducts, cooling systems, heating systems, hvac duct, hvac ducts, hvac systems, ventilation systems
UC MAKINE GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Cuma KOÇ    
s milling machines, feed machines, ozone machines, air channels, air locks, air recycling tarars, tarars, baran finishers, blower pumps, chain conveyors, dust cyclones, cyclones, destoners, drum impact detachers, detachers, elevators, extraction scales, flow balancers, hammer mills, high pressure fans, impact detachers, intensive dampeners, lavra destroyers, micro feeders, screw conveyors, milling machine, feed machine, ozone machine, air channel, air lock, air recycling tarar, tarar, baran finish, grain milling machines, grain milling machine, chain conveyor, impact detacher, dust cyclone, intensive dampener, screw conveyor, blower pump, hammer mill, extraction scale, flow balancer, cyclone, micro feeder, high pressure fan, elevator, destoner, extraction scales, detacher, baran finisher, drum impact detacher, lavra destroyer, flour milling machine, flour mill, flourmill, grain mill
FLOTEKS PLASTIK A.S.        Türkiye         
s plastic injection molds, molds, mold, injection moulds, plastic injection mold, fuel deposits, adblue warehouses, water deposits, expansion storage, air pipes, air channels, fenders, hoods, cabin ropes, prim parts
GUVEN YANGIN SONDURME GUV. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s air conditioners, air channels, heat recovery, heat recovery systems, heating systems, heat recovery systems
LIDER HAVALANDIRMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s insulation materials, fans, filters, gardener fans, electrotechnical products, shutters, grilles, galvanized air ducts, roof type air conditioning units, air channels, fan, aspirators, heat recovery equipments, air curtains, air handling units, vrf systems, dehumidification units
s air channels, stainless steel natural gas chimney components, heating systems, cooling systems, vent ducts, ventilation ducts